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Sunday, December 05, 2004
Death shall come to all

Yes... it will. Eventually... might be in a hundred years, but it eventually comes. Mwuahaha. Anyhow, during the past couple of months I've become a member of deviantArt and I believe the community is starting to grow on me. There are so many talented artists out there and I'm glad I get to see their works. Much love goes out to them. But alas, there are many imitators. One of which is Sheezy Art. I see a lot of potential there, and I might make an account there, too. But either way, there are tons of great artists out there that deserve a lot more recognition than they think.

Next journal entry I'll probably post some worth while links to some wickedly cool deviants. Their skills shall amaze you. Seriously.

Anyways, on to some other things. I don't see what's so great about the new Nintendo DS or why Halo 2 is such a big deal. They're both pointless and will be outdated soon enough by some magical genius somewhere out there that will have plans to dominate the world via mind control. Ahem... Seriously though, Halo 2.... all you do is blow stuff up. It's coolness factor goes down after about 30 minutes. It's just a testosterone thing I suppose (online play *cough*). I'm not saying that it's not fun, I just don't see the point.

Christmas vacation is coming up soon. Yay! I'm so happy. I'm tired of school: mainly Precalculus and Physics. That and I have to register for the SATs pretty soon and get those over with and start figuring out which colleges I should apply too. Gah... so many choices. However, I have to keep money and scholarship availability in mind. That should narrow some things down. Ach.... the FAFSA form is so complicated as well. It makes me want to cry. Eep... by the time next summer rolls around, I think I just might die from exhaustion. Too much thinking. And OMFG.... English is so pointless. We haven't done ANYTHING in class all year except work on TAKS booklets and write stupid things. It's insane.. Well... anyway. I have a major test in Precal coming up soon, I hope to do well on it since I actually understand this stuff we're learning a lot better. Weee... so the only 80 (or B+/A-, whatever you people grade by) should be in Physics.... Pretty sad that that's my lowest grade. But Chemistry and Biology are completely different, and I usually excel in math and science... but this year I suck... Anyway....

Random thoughts. Just had to get them out. This probably made no sense at all, but I don't care.

Posted at 08:27 pm by Roxie

Friday, October 01, 2004
2004 Debate & Then Some

Actually, the debate (Kerry vs. Bush) was pretty boring yet interesting at the same time. The first thing I'd like to complain about is the way Bush seemed to dodge entire topics to attack one of Kerry's quotes. Who cares? Give your opinion on the subject, not on what Kerry said.

Second, Bush needs to work on his public speaking skills. I felt as though he were stalling half the time. It was definitely evident in the last debate (2000) that he had no experience what-so-ever. He reminds me of someone who decides to practice at the last minute and can't pull it off when it comes time to face the audience. Not to mention that he's a very redundant person.

Third, the attitudes and emotions that both candidates displayed were very childish (in my opinion). They reminded me of one little kid playing with a ball and then another wanting to play too except they don't think they can share. You know what I mean? Very childish. I thought it was a debate, not pin the tail on the donkey.

Kerry didn't do as well as I thought he would either. When the moderator asked something along the lines of, "Is there anything in the character of your opponent that makes them unable to run this country well?" Kerry should have said that Bush did crack (in his previous years) and then decides to raise the penalty for all minors in the state of Texas with a signature when he himself would've been let go if he had been caught; and that he was a draft dodger that wages war. Notice the irony?

I'm not here to complain the whole time, there were some interesting topics covered. However, I think they should've touched up on the AIDs crisis in Africa and inequality & poverty in the third world. And how they plan to recover the plutonium floating around in the second world after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

On to other non-important things. I think the voting age limit should be lowered. Not for everyone my age of course, but for those who can prove they have knowledge of what's going on in the world/politics and have the capacity to understand what they know. I'm sick and tired of having fat old men sit around and decide what's best for my future. I'm well aware of what's going on in politics, and so are some of my other friends. I feel that we should have a say in determining our future. What these fat old men do affects me and other teenagers like me and I swear on my life they do it because they think we're all rebellious little hellions. I, for one, am not. I don't feel the need to rebel against any authority. The fat old men have no idea what it's like to be a teenager now-a-days. They think it's all fun and games for us so they have to enforce their ways upon us. I wonder if they ever consider that over half of the teenage population (16 and up) are buying cars, paying car insurance, have jobs, (most) have to pay for college themselves, struggling to grow up, fit in, and make good grades. It's actually a lot harder in today's society.

Maybe some teenagers wouldn't rebel so much if our 'elders' would actually try to benefit the future (us) instead of the past (them) with all their social security and retirement benefits. They're just trying to reap the benefits. No wonder this world is so chaotic.

It's all about fat old men getting richer.

Posted at 07:22 pm by Roxie

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Well first off, I'd like to thank Keith here for inviting me to this blog thing. It's quite cool, except for the banner ad at the top, but I think I'll manage. Anyhow, I'll be sure to blog every so often. Probably more than Keith-ers, but who cares.

Gotta go.

Posted at 07:31 pm by Roxie

Monday, January 05, 2004

You know what? I'm tired of girls saying that we guys are all jerks. It's not true. Psh, I care. But the fact of the matter is both sexes are both jerks and both can be sentimental. Guys aren't the only heartbreakers in this screwed up world, girls can be too (I should know). But I do understand if the guy is a complete ass and doesn't give his girlfriend the respect that she deserves. I think that's why girls call us guys jerks, eh?

Then again, I've never encountered the problem with the lack of respect and communication and all that crap. Nope. I'm the nice guy. I remember this one time I bought my best-friend (whom happens to be a girl) 11 roses plus a fake one and gave them to her. The card said, "My love will die for you when all of these roses die," from her current boyfriend. Yes, he was a jerk and I would've kicked his ass up and down the street had she not cared about him. But yeah, it was for Valentine's day, he didn't do anything for her, so I did. They eventually broke up soon after.

Interesting thing about it, she recognized my hand writing. So, she knew it was me and I felt awkward for a while because she knows how I am.

Nothing serious ever happened between me and her, but if something serious did come up I don't think I'd say no. I can honestly say that I do have "feelings" for her, but I wouldn't want to tell her anytime soon because I've learned that it's never a good time to tell your best friend that you have feelings for her, especially if you've known her for 9 years.

Can't believe I wrote that.. hope she doesn't find this thing anytime soon. That would complicate some emotions. Mixed signals and all that horrible stuff.

Sorry, I'm just a romantic. Can't help it. Don't care about what you think. At least I'm honest with myself. Heh... are you?


Posted at 12:49 am by Amateur-Bandit

Monday, December 29, 2003
Long time no post

 Posted by mighty sarcophagus @ 07/31/2003 02:40 PM PDT
there is good music in every genre, but appreciation of this fact requires first that a person get over their preconceived notions of said genre long enough to find what's good. most of the music any "music fan" listens to is not necessarily going to be on the radio regularly, regardless of genre...if this is true in rock, why not also country? hip-hop? all rock music seems to be about white people feeling sorry for themselves, i could say...
Ah, but I've grown up around Gospel, Country, and Rap and it just never really clicked with me. I know this may be an untimely time to post about this, but hey... I am. As mentioned in before post, I don't update this thing daily. And most of the music I listen to, I don't listen to on the radio. Same goes for the Gospel and Country music. My mom loves them and owns all sorts of CD's relating to the sort. And my brother is also an avid fan of Rap. I admit, that not all of the songs/lyricists are bad, some of them actually produce some good ones according to my taste. But then again, it is also my sense of an opinion. Now as for the Rock situation being only white people feeling sorry for themselves, it's only because people of different ethics usually won't sway towards this genre. I've noticed. Rap/Hip Hop seem to be dominantly owned by African Americans, would you not agree? Gospel is one that seems to be varied as far as different ethics goes.

After saying this, I realize some people might jump to the conclusion that I'm racist. Well... I guess I am. I hate everyone. >P Aside from joking around, I'm not racist. Truthfully I'm not.

Posted by ??? @ 07/31/2003 03:24 PM PDT
man you seem to hate allot of things....
If you consider Gospel, Country, and Rap a lot.... then I guess I do. Old school Hip Hop is great, but now-a-days, artists have twisted it into a meaning from what it used to be. Which makes me... rather sad. But non-the-less, I still have an open mind. Anyhow, to give people an idea of what type of music that I like to listen to, I'll list the Genres:
Alternative Rock
Old School Hip Hop

That pretty much covers it. There a some sub-categories that I didn't mention because well.... they're sub-categories and it just takes up space. Now, I haven't been exposed to all types of music, so I consider this to be a pretty slim list, though I am very willing to listen to something new. That's how J-Pop/Rock sparked my interest. A friend mentioned 'Gackt', I listened, I learned, I liked. That's the gist of it. If you have any recommendations, drop me a line at I'm currently trying to expand my selection by listening to a variety of Latin-American music right now. I don't have to understand the language, I just have to be able to feel what they're trying to get across. But seriously, if you have any suggestions, please e-mail me or leave some type of comment. And depending on the genre's availability in my area, I might be able to have a newfound interest.


Posted at 09:58 pm by Amateur-Bandit

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